Lanshire XL7 clock motor


                           These are rebuilt motors.  

This is only the motor, not a complete movement. Lanshire motors are held onto the movement with 4 nuts or screws (depending on the model).

Fits most Lanshire electric movements. Plate size: 1-3/4/” x 2-1/2”, 110V, 60C, 2W.h. This is the motor and back-plate only. You must remove the old motor by taking off the 4 nuts in the corners of your old movement. All of the gears will be loose because the entire back-plate will be new. Keep all of your gears in place, then install your new motor. 110 volt, 60cy, standard U.S. electricity.   

Lanshire quit making these in February of 2014.  We test and guarantee these for one year. 

Over the last 20 years we have rebuilt hundreds of Lanshire clock movements. 


Please consider our rebuilding services: If you send us your movement we will rebuild your motor, assemble and test your movement for $60 plus shipping back to you. If you need any gears the price could go up to $75. We have plenty of gears in stock. 

Sending us your motor only: The motor is only the back plate of the movement. It does not include gears, gear housing or hand shafts. If you send us your motor we will rebuild it for $30 plus $5.00 shipping back any destination in the USA. 

Click here to view Lanshire installation instructions

Again: If you do not want to do this repair yourself you can send the movement to us and we will repair it for you. Parts, labor and mailing the movement back to you generally run between $60 and $75 depending on what parts you need and how difficult the repair is. Click here for more information. 


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