New instruction page for Lanshire assembly

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Lanshire made a lot of different movements. This gear assembly applies to all movements with an XL7 motor on the back.

Here is a reference photo showing the holes and posts inside the movement housing. This view is the back of the front plate with all of the gears removed. You can come back to this photo as you go through the process if needed. 


I start with a metal block that has a hole large enough and deep enough for the hand shaft to go down into without bottoming out. You can do the same with a cardboard box or a block of wood.  I start by putting the empty (no gears) movement housing into the hole:

Lanshire clock movement housing without gears

Here are the gears lined up in the order I will be installing them. Each following photo was taken after a gear was added. 

Lanshire gear set

I added the hour hand shaft

Lanshire movement with hour tube installed

The next gear is the idler. It sits on the pin nest to the hour hand gear we just installed. The small gear side goes down'Lanshire electric clock movement instructions

Then the minute hand shaft goes into the center


Now I put the second hand shaft in the center

Lanshire gear assembly instructions

I'm going to put in the gear stack. It's actually two gears. The gear on top has a shaft that goes through a hole in the other gear. I slide them into the side because the lower gear goes under the second hand gear. The upper gear is above it. It drops down into its pivot hole. The next photo shows the two gears stacked together properly and this is the correct position top to bottom. 

Lanshire gear stack 

After installing the stack

Lanshire clock movement assembly

There is only one gear left and it goes into its pivot hole. 

Complete Lanshire clock movement

Some Lanshire movements have setters. One type setter goes through a hole in the motor. The other type is metal and has tabs that go into the holes on the side of the movement and motor. Before taking your movement apart you should take photos of it for reference. 

Other important notes. Lanshire movements with plastic gears use the black gear shown below as an anti-reverse device. The motor does not know what direction to turn. The anti-reverse gear jams up the gears if the motor starts running the wrong way. This gear has to be installed properly. If it's upside down it will not work properly.  Look closely at the photo; the tips of the teeth point in a clockwise direction. 

The other thing you might find in your movement is the yellowish colored piece in the photo. It is intended to support the second hand shaft so that the pivot does not take all of the friction. It presses into two holes in the motor. Sometimes it pops out and stops the movement. If you have one be sure it is pressed into the holes securely. 

Lanshire XL7 motor AKA XLT

 Metal Lanshire movements have side bands that are clipped onto the studs at two corners. You can unhook them and take them off with a fingernail or knife blade. You need to take them off to put the motor back on. Reach into the side and tilt the last two gears we installed so that the pivot at the end of the gear shaft goes into the hole. If you tighten the motor down while the pivots are not in the holes you will smash the pivots and need to replace those gears. This photo shows the side band on.  

Removing one side band

We can do this repair for you. Click here for more information