Lanshire Electric Clock Repair Service

We repair Lanshire clocks

Lanshire clock movements and parts went out of production several years ago. As a Lanshire parts and repair company we quickly went to work on our next phase of this business: Rebuilding Lanshire movements and motors. We have also been actively procuring Lanshire movements for parts. We have built up our inventory to include thousands of gears, housings and motors to use as replacements. 

Our current prices are $60 plus parts to rebuild, assemble and test a Lanshire clock movement with an XL7 motor. We charge $8 each for most gears if replacements are needed. 

If your clock is a fit up (complete clock movement with face, hands and glass) that goes into a large hole in the front of the clock just send in the whole part that came out the front. It will have two wires going to the motor on the back. The front will have glass, face and hands and looks like this:  Lanshire Fitup Clock Movement

If your Lanshire movement is not a fit up you will need to take the hands off to get it out of the clock: If your clock has three hands we need to get the shaft that the second hand goes on. Some customers pull the second hand off and the shaft comes off with it. If you remove your hands be sure there is not a metal rod sticking out the back of that hand. If there is, you can unscrew the hand from the shaft by holding the shaft with pliers and turning the hand counter-clockwise.  We don't need the hands, just the shaft. Let me know if you have questions on that. 

Please put a note in the box with your contact information and include an email address if possible.

Payment: You don't need to prepay, but you can: If you want you can put a check in the box with the movement or you can wait until it's done. Estimated price is $68.00 including shipping back to you. If you provide an email address on the note we will create an online order and email it to you for payment. At that time you can pay with credit card, debit card or paypal. If you don't include an email address we will call you for payment before we ship it back to you.


You can send it to:

Phone 971-206-8915