3MR-EXT Tower clock movement



This is a movement only, No hands or controller. All mechanisms use a worm & worm gear drive. To order a clock mechanism, the proper hand size should be determined by measuring from the top of the 12 to the bottom of the 6 on your clock face design. The minute hand length is the dimension from the dial center to the tip of the hand. The hour hand will be proportionate. 

The 3MR series is a direct drive clock mechanism utilizing a single reversible motor. This model features a long hand shaft. 

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Information on optional MC3 auto control unit



Needs 3 #14 Gauge conductors recommended between control swutcg and 3MR movement. Preferred colors (not mandatory) are white neutral, blue run and red reset if possible. These are colors shown in the wiring documents and helpful if troubleshooting now or 20 years from now. Power to the switch should be 15A circuit, the motor only draws 5 watts.

White is “neutral”. Goes to “W”

Blue is “normal”. Goes to “B”

Red is “reset”. Goes to “R”

Purple and orange are for an optional pilot clock and are unused. Either cap or cut off.


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