National Time Large Outdoor Type Clock Movements and Hands 3MR-EXT


These clock movements are built to your requirements and come complete with the mechanism and a pair of standard hands. All mechanisms use a worm & worm gear drive. To order a clock mechanism, the proper hand size should be determined by measuring from the top of the 12 to the bottom of the 6 on your clock face design. The minute hand length is the dimension from the dial center to the tip of the hand. The hour hand will be proportionate. Shaft extensions are not adjustable in the field. 

This model includes 18" MO3M hands

Movement has hand shaft extension for back lighted dials

The 3MR series is a direct drive clock mechanism utilizing a single reversible motor. Hands cannot be manually turned. A standard unit can mount to a dial up to 3/4" thick. 

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Information on optional MC3 auto control unit


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