High Torque Trigger MIni Quartz Clock Movement


This is a new item we custom ordered to widen our range of quartz clock movements. This is both a trigger movement with two wires that close a switch inside the movement once an hour to trigger a sound module. It is also a high torque movement tested successfully with our longest hands. We recommend it with any of our "I" shaft hands up to 17-1/2" long. The hand shaft has an extended minute hand mount for extra spacing between the hands to help keep them from rubbing on each other. While this movement can operate a second hand we don't recommend using one with hands over 8" long. Includes mounting hardware: flat washer, hex nut and minute hand nut. 

Hand shaft specifications:

Threaded length: 15.5mm, .6"  to go through clock faces up to 1/2" thick

Hour hand mount diameter: 5mm, .2"

Minute hand mount: "I" shaft

Total shaft length:  26mm,   1"

Manufactured by Jia Hao in China

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