High Torque Trigger MIni Quartz Clock Movement

$5.95 $12.95

This is a new item we custom ordered to widen our range of quartz clock movements. This is both a trigger movement with two wires that close a switch inside the movement once an hour to trigger a sound module and also a high torque movement tested successfully with our longest hands. We recommend it with any of our "I" shaft hands up to 17-1/2" long. The hand shaft has an extended minute hand mount for extra spacing between the hands to help keep them from rubbing on each other. While this movement can operate a second hand we don't recommend using one with hands over 8" long. Includes mounting hardware: flat washer, hex nut and minute hand nut. 

We offer one pair of free hands with each movement purchased. Just put hands and this movement in your shopping cart. 

Hand shaft specifications:

Threaded length: 15.5mm, or .60"  to go through clock faces up to 1/2" thick

Hour hand mount diameter: 5mm, .2"

Minute hand mount: "I" shaft

Total shaft length:  27mm,   1"

Manufactured by Jia Hao in China

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