Glo Dial Clock Movement, Manual Reset, Short Shaft


  For large dial outdoor clocks. Maximum rated face diameter: 48” Minute hand must be balanced if customer made. H200M2 manual reset movement. No reset stem, set screws holding hands on shaft must be loosened before hands can be adjusted. Forcing hands without loosening hub screws voids warranty. Your maximum face thickness is 5/8", total shaft length; 2-1/4".  Click here for more information

If you plan to make your own hands you will need our CJ2900 hub kit. Maximum minute hand length is 22" and the total weight of both hands combined can't be more than 19.9 ounces. Making your own hands can void the warranty. Glo Dial clock movements are a favorite with our customers.Specially designed for outdoor operation, these movements will keep correct time under all weather conditions. Precision-cut gears, slow-turning shafts and lubricants ensure long, maintenance-free operation. The motors used on Glo Dial movements are designed to carry a greater load than required with no need for heaters or fans for extreme weather. 110 volt, 60cy, standard US electricity.

Model #N12930

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