Mini Quartz Movement for press on hands


This is a JiaHao mini quartz movement for press on hands. It fits most Youngtown press on hands.  Threaded part of hand shaft is 3/4" (19.5mm) lo

ng, 5/16" diameter, to go through up to 5/8" thick clock face.

The total shaft length is 1-1/8" (28mm) .

All of our quartz movements are shipped with mounting hardware. We no longer include free hangers. These movements can be used with or without a sweep second hand.

This movement uses press on hands, our regular quartz hour and minute hands will not fit this movement because the minute hand for this one will have a round hole and will simply press on. See the photos for hands that fit this movement. Use the drop-down menu to choose hands. 

Diameters of hand shaft mounts are the most popular. Hour: .2" (5 mm) Minute: .125" (3.2 mm)

Movement Case Size: 2-1/8"W x 2-1/8"H x 9/16"D

Face and dial thickness means: how thick the material is that the hand shaft goes through.

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