2508S Chiming movement with pendulum for up to 3/8" thick material


MVT2508S chiming quartz clock movement.

The most popular chime movements on the market today. Plays progressive Westminster chime every 15 minutes: 4 notes at ¼ hour, 8 notes on the half, 12 notes at ¼ till and 16 notes with hour strike on the hour. Powered by one “C” cell battery (not included).

Dimensions: 3” wide x 4-1/4” high x 1-1/4” deep. 7/16” diameter shaft. The threaded portion of the hand shaft is 7/16" long and the total shaft length is 3/4".

Built in speaker on top of the movement inside the tube. 

Face thickness is how thick the material is that the hand shaft goes through.

We made the pendulum optional

Optional: 16" brass colored breakaway pendulum. Pendulum rod adjusts down in 1" increments by snapping off at scored 1" lines on back side. The round bob is 2-3/4" in diameter.

Click here for installation instructions

Get a free pair of hands (up to 5-1/4" long) with purchase of a quartz movement. One free pair with each movement you buy.  Choose hands and put them in your shopping cart: 



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