100040 Mini Quartz Clock Movement for dials up to 3/4" thick


These movements are 2-1/8" x 2-1/8" square and 5/8" deep. They use one "AA" battery (not included). They can use any of our quartz hands up to 5-1/2" long. The threaded part of the hand shaft is 5/16" in diameter. All of our quartz movements are shipped with mounting hardware.  We no longer include free hangers but you can order hangers separately.  These movements can be used with or without a sweep second hand. If you order a sweep hand we will send an open nut that will allow you to use all three hands.

Want free hands? Get free hour and minute hands (up to 5-1/4" long) with purchase of a quartz movement. One free pair with each movement you buy. Choose hands here:  https://norkro.com/collections/hands-for-quartz-clocks


Threaded length: 15/16"

Face thickness (this is how thick the material is that the hand shaft goes through) 3/4"

Total shaft length: 1-1/8"

The American "I" shaft hand configuration is fairly easy to identify without measuring the mounting holes. On all American "I" shaft movements, the mounting hole in the minute hand is "oblong with two flat sides", and the hour hand hole is round. The American "I" shaft configuration is used on most (but not all) battery and electric movements. It is not used on mechanical movements. The American "I" shaft configuration also requires a small round nut (included with movement purchase) to hold the minute hand in place.  


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