Instructions for Seiko Dual Chime Quartz Clock Movements

Install a "C" battery (akaline preferred) in the direction pictured in the battery well. 

place the minute hand (longer of the two) on the shaft. Tighten the small nut to hold the minute hand in place. 

Using the rear-mounted set knob, move the minute hand in a clockwise direction until you hear a click. This will trigger the chime sequence. Count the number of hour struck after the melody plays. Remove the minute hand. Press the hour hand on, pointing it toward the number of strikes you counted (if the clock struck 3 times, point the hour hand toward the number 3 on the clock face). Put the minute hand back on pointing to the 12 at the top of the clock face. Screw down the small nut that holds the minute hand on. 

Move the night chime selector switch to the left most position. Moving in a clockwise direction, use the rear-mounted hand set to advance the hands until they reach the current time. Be sure to stop at each hour to let the chime and hour count play completely before going on to the next hour. Failure to stop at each hour may cause the chime to be out of sequence. Let the clock run for at least one full hour so the chime can fully reset. 

If you wish the chime to sound 24 hours a day, leave the night chime selector switch in the left most position. If you wish the chime to be silent from 11:01 pm to 6:59 am move the night chime selector switch to the am or pm position depending on the present time.