Continuous sweep, High Torque C battery


This standard size quartz movement uses a "C" size battery for long battery life. Use this movement with any of the hands for quartz clocks we sell (including our extra long hands). This model is for dials (faces) up to 3/8" thick. Continuous sweep means that the hands move smoothly rather than once per second as in a step quartz movement.

The old part number for this movement is: MVT312CHT and it's the same movement with a new part number. 

The shaft diameter is 3/8", the threaded portion is 7/16" long and the total hand shaft length is 7/8". And yes, it can use a sweep second hand. The movement box is 2-1/4" w x 2-3/4" h x 1-1/16" thick

Face and dial thickness is how thick the material is that the hand shaft goes through.

Model 312CHT

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