Hub Kit with lock down screws for Glo Dial movements


Hand Hub kit (required if you are making your own hands). This is one pair (one for hour hand and one for minute hand). These hubs fit our Glo Dial clock movements. Shaft diameters: 7/16" for the hour hand and 5/16" for the minute hand. Set screws and rivets included.

If you plan to make your own hands you will need our CJ2900 hub kit. Glo Dial clock movements are a favorite with our customers. Specially designed for outdoor operation, these movements will keep correct time under all weather conditions. Precision-cut gears, slow-turning shafts and lubricants ensure long, maintenance-free operation. The motors used on Glo Dial movements are designed to carry a greater load than required with no need for heaters or fans for extreme weather. 110 volt, 60cy, standard US electricity.    Click here for more information

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