Hands for Quartz Clock Movements.

 You can get one pair of hands, up to 5-1/2" long free with each quartz movement you buy. You must order the hands, We don't send them unless you order them. Discounts are shown after you click "Checkout"

"I" shaft hour and minute hands that fit all of our "I" shaft movements. They are not to be used with movements that require press on hands (BI72MVT, 12268, JH1668TRG, MSM-800L and MSM-800). The minute hand has an oval shaped hole and is held on with a small nut (we provide that nut when you buy the quartz movements from us). Most of these hands (up to 5" long) are free when you purchase quartz movements. When you have movements in your shopping cart the qualified hands will show zero cost. Contact us with any questions.

“Hands that are 7” or longer require that a high Torque movement be used”.

The American "I" shaft hand configuration is fairly easy to identify without taking careful measurements. On all American "I" shaft movements, the mounting hole in the minute hand is "oblong with two flat sides", and the hour hand hole is round. The American "I" shaft configuration is used on most (but not all) battery and electric movements. It is not used on mechanical movements. The American "I" shaft configuration also requires a small round nut to hold the minute hand in place.