17-3/4" Black spade hands, wall mounting cup and high torque quartz movement


MVT712HT High torque mini quartz movement and 17-3/4" spade style hands #HND1476. This is a complete setup including the movement, mounting cup and the hands. Comes with all mounting hardware except the screws to mount the cup to the wall. The only other thing you need is one AA battery. Movement is 2-1/8" x 2-1/8" square and 5/8" thick. the handshaft will go through up to 3/8" thick material and has a total length of 7/8".  We now include our ACUP wall mounting cup with this set. This is a two piece mounting cover that any of our mini size movements will fit in. This is a great item for mounting the movement to a wall, concealing the movement and making simple very large clocks.


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