Mini Quartz Trigger Quartz Clock Movement by YoungTown for "I" shaft hands!!


Youngtown long shaft movement for "I" shaft hands. That means you can use any hands from our hands for quartz clocks collection up to 5-1/2" long. You can't use the press on hands for our other Young Town movements. If you want those hands you should order our MSM-800L movement instead of this one. 

The trigger wires are connected to a switch inside the movement that closes on the hour to trigger a sound making device. These movements are commonly used in novelty clocks that have the sound of a bird, train, or other sounds on the hour. Threaded part of hand shaft is 9/16" long, 5/16" diameter, to go through up to 1/2" thick clock face. The total shaft length is 7/8". All of our quartz movements are shipped with mounting hardware. . We no longer include free hangers. These movements can be used with or without a sweep second hand. If you order a sweep hand we will send an open nut that will allow you to use all three hands.

Face and dial thickness is how thick the material is that the hand shaft goes through. 

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