Lanshire XL7 Motor Installation Instructions

Step by step assembly instructions: The gears in our new LANKIT gear set all have numbers molded into them. Following the photos below we install the gears: 4000 P-3A hour tube, insert through center hole of movement case. The 3610 P-1 Idler gear fits on pin inside case with small gear facing down.  6400 P-4 Minute hand shaft, insert through hour tube.  6008 P-1 (old gear number: 6608) Auxiliary gear with hole in center small gear goes down (will not stay in place until 6012 PS is inserted through it but it fits between the previous and next step). 6408-P-1 Second hand shaft insert through minute hand shaft.  6012 PS Insert shaft into auxiliary gear.  #6608 P-1 Insert gear #4010 P-S the long shaft goes down. Now all of your gears are in place and it’s time to put the motor on.


The instruction photos below show the plastic EHP movement. If your movement has a metal case remove the metal bands surrounding the gear box. They simply clip onto two of the corners of the case. You can unhook them before you take the motor off. After you put all the gears in place put the motor gently onto the 4 studs on the corners without pressing the motor all the way down. Then reach into the sides to line the tips of the gear shafts (these tips are called pivots) with the holes in the motor before dropping the motor all the way down. If you press the motor down too hard without getting the pivots into the holes you can smash the pivots and ruin the pivot. 

The hour tube goes in first.

We put the idler gear onto the pin

Then we put the minute hand tube down into the hour hand tube

We put the first auxiliary gear on the left side

Installed the second hand shaft

The large auxiliary gear with a shaft goes down into the first auxiliary gear.

The small auxiliary gear (with shaft) installed at the top left

This is the underside of the XL7 motor. The tiny black gear at the top left is the anti-reverse gear. It sits on that pin and must be installed as shown below. If it is on upside down the clock may run backwards or stop. This motor also shows a setter at the top right. Not all movements use a setter, some of them can be set by turning the minute hand. If there is glass over the front of the clock and you can turn the minute hand there will be a setter somewhere. This one is on the back of the motor (shown below). If your clock has one of these you

Back of XL7 motor with setter installed.

Anti-reverse gear properly installed

Another important note: Your old movement may have the clip on piece shown at the left. It has two pins on the other side that press into two holes near the motor drive gear. The second hand shaft goes into the center hole of this piece. This piece is not made anymore as the factory deemed it not needed. If you use your old one be sure to press it firmly into the holes or it may pop out and jam up the gears.